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Comments: You can comment on individual posts if you wish–you have at least that luxury on this blog if nothing else. In fact, I encourage it. One of the main things I absolutely *love* about blogs is the feedback I get from my readers. I’ll face it… I’m an attention hog, so anything you say I will probably love except if it’s absurd, obviously. In that case, I may even delete a comment but that’s rare. I may leave it up for amusement purposes because well, I’m like that. In any case, TRY to talk like you would talk to me if you met me in person. Remember that I’m actually a human being who deserves respect and not a cyber robot or anything of the sort.

Email: If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for my blog, they are HIGHLY welcome. If you want to know anything about me or my life, that’s okay too. You can get as personal as you wish, given that it’s not inappropriately personal or else I will probably not respond. Whether I respond or not to some personal inquiry, we will see! You can email me and I will try to respond within two to three days at most. I am not too big on censorship, so you can say whatever you wish, even if it’s hate mail. I don’t think I get enough of that.

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